October 12, 2017



New York, NY – DOC, the premier recruiting site for doctors and scientists pursuing innovative careers, announces today that its internet address has changed from DropOutClub.org to DOCjobs.com.

DOC was founded as the Drop Out Club by former students of the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons then working at WebMD, Credit Suisse, and McKinsey & Company. Initially a local networking group for doctors and scientists pursuing careers beyond traditional research and clinical tracks, DOC’s membership has grown to over 40,000 MDs, PhDs, and other advanced biomedical scientists in all 50 states and 123 countries.

With this growth, employers have increasingly looked to DOC to recruit top biomedical talent for careers in all areas of health care business, government, and non-profit. Over 1,000 employers have used DOC including leading investment banks, private equity and venture capital funds, biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, consulting firms, healthcare IT and startup companies, technology transfer offices, and many others across the healthcare spectrum. The most recent examples can be found on the JOBS section of the DOC website.

“DOC has evolved from a networking group to the premier exchange between advanced biomedical talent and innovative employers” said DOC Co-Founder, Derek DuBois, MD. “Our new DOCjobs.com address better reflects the active role we play in matching unique candidates to great employment opportunities.”

About DOC (DOCjobs.com)

DOC is the premier recruiting site for doctors and scientists pursuing innovative careers. Over 1,000 employers have used DOC to source talent for a wide variety of professional roles across the health care spectrum. The DOC community now has over 40,000 members in all 50 US states and 123 countries.

Media Contact: heather.clisby@DOCjobs.com

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