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Our aspiration is to unite the global community of doctors, scientists and other biomedical professionals who seek to shape healthcare through innovative careers outside of traditional clinical and research tracks.

We focus on 3 specific objectives:

  1. Connect members with great opportunities that leverage their unique backgrounds and experience
  2. Help employers rapidly source talent with highly specific biomedical and business experience
  3. Facilitate the online and in-person exchange of ideas, insights and opportunities among our members

Ultimately we hope that this will help improve the healthcare system by placing those who understand the real content of healthcare in leadership positions.


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DOC (Drop Out Club) began when six former classmates from the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons gathered for drinks. The attendees had all left traditional medical tracks to pursue careers in business and met to exchange notes on the experience. Weeks later, the group – now doubled in size - met again. The next gathering had over 30 participants.

DOC was officially established when two members of the original party created a simple website for the group. The community naturally grew by word of mouth. Employers soon discovered the group and submitted job opportunities that were circulated by email. As the online community thrived, the site was built out, and the job posting process was formalized to meet recruiters' needs.

Given the New York roots of DOC, there was a strong initial presence of finance-oriented members and opportunities (investment banking, equity research, venture capital, private equity and hedge funds), but the group has since become more diverse. Our geographic footprint has expanded from New York to include every US state and 90+ countries, making DOC the most connected and diverse networking destination for biomedical professionals and employers.

The employer base runs the gamut of the healthcare industry and now includes strategic consulting, startups, healthcare IT, health plans, providers, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical communications, government and public service. Approximately half of DOC members are medical doctors, one quarter are medical science PhDs, and one quarter have dual graduate degrees, but all seek a rewarding career that will utilize their education, training and experience.

Our Name

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Our name reflects the sentiment at our original gathering that no clear support systems existed for the paths we were pursuing. Rather, it seemed one had to "drop out" in order to pursue one's passions beyond traditional medicine. Our name is also a nod to the concentration of school drop-outs among successful innovators and entrepreneurs, those who leave behind a secure, well-worn path to blaze a new trail in their life and career..

DOC was founded as a community for biomedical professionals who believe they can shape healthcare outside of traditional clinical and research paths. Alexander Graham Bell once said, "When one door closes, another opens." We sincerely hope that DOC can be an open door for you.


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The founders of DOC have a range of healthcare industry experience between them, including medical Internet startups, McKinsey partnership, health analytics, investment banking, and hedge fund portfolio management.

DOC is self-funded. If you would like to discuss partnership or business development opportunities, please contact us at contact@docjobs.com.

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