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Vice President Medical Affairs

Pulse Checkups

San Francisco, CA

Posted January 9

Job Description

Do you believe in preventive care and in patients becoming proactive owners of their health?

Do you believe in the transformative power of HealthTech and the new patient-centric care models?

Do you want to build the Clinic of the Future?

Do you feel like you have the DNA of both an MD and an entrepreneur?

Do you combine a Tier-1 US MD education with an outstanding MBA, or a HealthTech startup experience, or a Management Consulting experience?

Do you want to be a builder in the next wave of preventive care innovation?

Are you a passionate person?


If you’re nodding along, this role was designed exactly for you!


Every year, 44M adults have an Annual Physical, yet fewer than 10% have done all recommend 17 “high-priority” preventative exams. And 60% of people die for stupid reasons: perfectly detectable and risk-manageable diseases.


Pulse is changing that. We build the Clinic of the Future, 100% committed to Total-Health Checkups, to equip anybidy to self-pilot her/his own health & wellness, and prevent, rather than treat, killer-diseases.



We are already:



As an independent, checkup-focused clinic, we can advise patients without conflict of interest, ensuring patients are always put first. Our holistic approach combines the full spectrum of medical specialties with technology, imagery, labs, innovative protocols and data-science to provide patients with a clear insight into their health. All in a highly hospital environment. There are no gimmicks, no gadgets, no shortcuts, and no BS.


While Pulse will only be accessible to a small percentage of patients to start, we are committed to making total-body checkups accessible to the broadest population possible, and ultimately build the ‘Bloomberg Terminal’ of Health.


We are also committed to donating 1% of our revenues to preventive R&D and Actions, offering 1000 free checkups to the less fortunate, offsetting our carbon footprint, and more.


Pulse is for people who like people. All people. We embrace differences and welcome weirdness. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you!




As our 1st VP of Medical Affairs, part of our Founding team, you will:



Tier-1 MD academic record (Harvard, Yale, Johns Hokins, Stanford, UCSF, etc)

American Medical Board Certified - California Medical License.


Completed Residency (or soon to be. Part-time ramp up possible)

Ideally min 3 years of clinical experience

Patient-clinic / Consultation oriented (rather than Pharma, or Medical Devices, or LifeScience, etc)


AND (necessarily)




Attractive package including equity

Full benefit package.


Don't think twice, apply! We are inventing the Clinic of the Future!

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