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Telemedicine Neurologist

SynaptiCure Inc.

Remote/Flexible | CHICAGO, IL

Posted February 3

Job Description

Who we are:

Synapticure, a venture-backed startup, is recruiting a neurologist to provide clinical care to ALS patients through the company’s telemedicine platform.  Synapticure aims to provide every ALS patient end-to-end clinical care and treatment, using our telemedicine platform to take patients and guide them through their entire care journey. We are devoted to helping patients, from guidance on care and insurance to providing the full spectrum of investigational and clinical testing to improve outcomes. We are committed to using this information for patients to find targeted, personalized therapies and ultimately to speed the development of treatments that can cure their ALS.


Your role:

The telemedicine neurologist will be responsible for synchronous video / voice and asynchronous communications with potential, probable or confirmed diagnosed ALS patients. The neurologist will provide care, diagnostics and testing as defined as relevant by the physician ownership and support patient(s) through their care journey. Elements of care include, but are not limited to:


The neurologist will report to and be supported by the physician owner and professional corporation.


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