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Telemedicine Course


Remote/Flexible | New York, NY

Posted March 20

Job Description

DOC Members:


In light of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the need for telemedicine providers is now more acute than ever. Comments by public health officials, recent publications, and CDC guidance all describe the need to incorporate telemedicine as part of the medical profession's response to the viral outbreak. It also seems highly likely that, even in the aftermath of the outbreak, telemedicine will play an ever-greater role in the provision of outpatient medical care.


DOC is pleased to provide, in partnership with InnovateHealth, a discounted on-line course that physicians can use to become immediately proficient in all aspects of telemedicine care and establish a sustainable practice.  The course is comprised of videos and modules regarding all aspects of the provision of telemedicine care - including technology, regulatory (FDA considerations with technology), malpractice and licensure considerations, patient factors, insurance (billing and coding) and reimbursement. The curriculum has been updated to include COVID updates. There will also be live Q&A sessions this Saturday March 21st and next Sunday March 29th. The course is most appropriate for those physicians that are not already independently practicing telemedicine, and also for doctors with a substantial outpatient (vs. hospital-based) practice. 


In order to view the course curriculum, please click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the landing page. Should you choose to enroll, click the “Enroll in Course” button, then use the TELENOW discount code when clicking “Add coupon” on the following screen.

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