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Research Associate – Medical Technology, Rtw Investments

RTW Investments, LP

New York, NY

Posted March 17

Job Description

RTW Investments

RTW Investments is a $3B New York based healthcare focused investment firm.  RTW is committed to company building and investing in public and private companies that develop transformational and disruptive therapies / technologies. RTW’s investment approach marries a deep, foundational understanding of disease biology, medicine, and technology with a comprehensive perspective on commercial opportunities and challenges.  The team has developed significant hands-on expertise in targeted areas of innovation and has undertaken a rigorous approach to researching and supporting emerging innovations in both industry and academia.


Role Description

The associate will work with the MedTech Analyst and Portfolio Manager to support the diligence process for new and existing investments in all MedTech sub-sectors including medical devices, life science tools, diagnostics, and digital health.  In addition to evaluating individual companies, the associate will maintain a perspective on industry trends and outlook.


Key Responsibilities 


Ideal Qualifications & Experience


How to Apply

Please submit a PDF of your resume as well as a cover letter highlighting your interest / experience in the Medical Device industry.

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