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Remote/Flexible | Wilton, CT

Posted July 1

Job Description

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Toluna - Healthcare

Looking for your next side-gig in between seeing patients?

With Curizon You can:

  • Have a voice in your profession
  • Influence the development of medical breakthroughs
  • Earn extra income at your convenience

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Curizon is a dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare and medicine. Curizon connects medical professionals and their expert opinions with some of the largest Healthcare and Pharmaceutical organizations in the world.

We understand that your expert opinion is one of the driving forces behind the advancement of medical care and pharmaceuticals, & we compensate you for your time accordingly We look forward to hearing your valuable opinions!

“I enjoy having a voice in my profession. Curizon gives me the outlet to help sculpt the future of healthcare.”
- Curizon Panel Member since 2012 -


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