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Medical Director

Options MD

Multiple | Remote/Flexible

Posted November 10

Job Description

Who We Are

What We Solve

Options MD is a telepsychiatry mental health platform that focuses on patients with depression. Our goal is to help patients who self-identify as having Major Depressive Disorder, who consider their depression to be treatment-resistant based on poor or incomplete response to the medications or psychotherapy they’ve tried in the past. Of course, we also treat psychiatric comorbidities within this population, alongside depression. 

Through our platform, we aim to provide comprehensive care through clinicians with specialized experience treating this population, with a focus on evidence-based care. Treatment options include a broad range of medications across classes, psychotherapy, and neuromodulation when indicated. This includes ketamine, TMS and ECT.  

In addition to an in-house network of specialists who use a collaborative, team-based approach to deliver high quality care, Options MD also offers an online community that provides lasting support and engagement. We enhance the clinician experience with proprietary software that helps promote collaboration and shared decision making between patient and clinician around treatment options. 

At our core, we aim to deliver evidence-based, comprehensive care efficiently and at scale so that mental health patients, even those with more complicated presentations, can access high quality care despite the increasing shortage of psychiatrists and other mental health clinicians nationally. Our company has attracted the attention of thought leaders within psychiatry, with some acting as formal advisors to our board. 

At this time, we have generated a private patient community of over 6,000 with 70% engagement rates, and have beta tested our software with over 1,000 patients. We are now enrolling our first set of patients into our innovative care model.

Who We Are

The founders, Morgan Hewett (former Facebook) and Kyle Pierce (a health-tech attorney), are two best friends who banded together after watching family members spend $300k+ in unsuccessful treatments for severe depression. They are joined by a team of medical researchers, leaders within psychiatry at some of the nation’s top institutions, engineers, and data scientists to deliver effective and efficient mental health care to high-acuity cases.

We have raised $2.5M in pre-seed funding and offer salaries, job security, and equity that exceed most benchmarks for pilot-stage startups. 


The Role

Options MD is looking for an experienced psychiatrist who can help bring our mission to life. Reporting to Options MD’s founders, the Medical Director will set the tone for the organization’s clinical philosophy, clinical culture, and strategic approach to clinical excellence. 

The Medical Director will bring a strong point of view about what quality mental health care looks like. You understand how the mental healthcare system today falls short for patients with treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders, and how innovative new models may address those shortcomings. You understand what matters to the broad range of key stakeholders that influence psychiatric care, and the steps needed to get Options MD out front. You’ll have the opportunity to design clinical and quality goals, build out a team around you, publicly represent Options MD’s clinical strategy, and impact thousands of lives every day. 

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Our Culture, Mission, and Benefits

Culture and Mission

The team at Options MD believes that “treating depression doesn’t have to be depressing”. Options MD is a respectful, upbeat, happy and remote-first team united by our mission of being the last hope for patients experiencing treatment-resistance. We want our employees to be themselves and celebrate each other's differences. We trust our clinical team to do what’s best for patients and our fellow team members without bureaucracy. We prioritize self-care and are building a sustainable business for the long term.
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