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Investor Relations/Public Relations Manager/Specialist

Palisade Bio

Remote/Flexible | Carlsbad, CA

Posted May 21

Job Description

About Palisade Bio

Palisade Bio is developing novel therapeutics designed to improve human health through therapeutic protection of the gastrointestinal mucosal barrier. Our initial focus is combatting the interruption of GI function (ileus) following major surgery in order to reduce recovery times and shorten the duration of patient hospital stays. Additionally, Palisade believes that its investigational therapies have the potential to prevent the formation of postoperative adhesions (reducing hospital re-admissions and additional surgeries), as well as to address the myriad health conditions and complications associated with chronic disruption of the gastrointestinal mucosal barrier.

POSITION SUMMARY: This position will manage the company’s external communications with the financial community and media, serving as the primary point of contact for both audiences,.  This will include management of Palisade Bio’s external investor relations (IR)/public relations (PR) firms. The primary responsibility of this role is to help build the positive visibility and value of the company from an IR/PR perspective. Additional responsibilities include oversight of external company website to ensure all information is current and available.  This position will be responsible for drafting, finalizing and disseminating public press releases via a newswire distribution system and compliance with related NASDAQ market requirements.  Extensive meeting (telephonic and in person) coordination, along with Board level presentation creation, will be required.



SCOPE & IMPACT: Corporate level supporting domestic and global activities related to investor relations and media.  Significant impact whereas errors would compromise the corporate image and incorrect information could lead to harmful results.

External contacts may include patients, physicians, professional & retail investors, media and students.





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