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Investment Analyst

Avoro Capital Advisors

New York, NY

Posted June 3

Job Description

Avoro Capital Advisors, LLC is a healthcare specialty investment firm in New York focused primarily on the public markets.  We invest across the spectrum of therapeutic areas, technologies, and stages of development.  We believe that a deep understanding of the fundamental science, or hands-on experience with medicine are essential tools for making investment decisions.  We value the ability to be nimble in our analysis, and to take and defend positions that go against conventional wisdom and consensus opinion. 


We are looking for an investment analyst with a bio-medical background to join our investment team.  The role involves literature searches, academic and investor forum participation, model building, management meetings, and investment thesis generation and support.  The role you would be applying for would be primarily to support the senior investment team in new investment diligence and existing investment maintenance.  This role is ideal for someone earlier in their career as it would allow extensive exposure to the process of making and following investments alongside a more seasoned team.    


Ideally, the candidate would have the following qualifications, though they are not a requirement:


- MD, RN, or similar medical degree – clinical experience is a plus

- 0-100 years of experience in investing, consulting, or pharma

- Experience reading and analyzing financial documents and building models

- Clear ability to communicate ideas through formal notes, summary presentations, or casual discussions

- Exposure to the biotechnology industry either through a direct role or a more passive awareness of the news of the day


Please send resumes using the Apply Now button!  Your career of tomorrow starts today!


Cover letters not required, though some introduction to yourself, and why you think you would be successful, or what situations you believe make you an ideal fit are welcome.

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