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Informationist For Bioinformatics And Data Integrity

Weill Cornell Medicine

New York City, NY

Posted August 29

Job Description

Informationist for Bioinformatics and Data Integrity

Samuel J. Wood Library and C.V. Starr Biomedical Information Center

Weill Cornell Medicine


Position Summary:

We are seeking an individual with a passion for research reproducibility and integrity, to help support these research values at Weill Cornell Medicine, in New York City.

Weill Cornell Medicine is committed to the reproducibility and ethical conduct of research. To support its researchers in meeting these goals, the Samuel J. Wood Library Informationist for Bioinformatics and Data Integrity will work with the Samuel J. Wood Library and Research Integrity Office to support the development and implementation of, and compliance with, relevant institutional and funder-based research data management policies.

Under the direction of the Associate Director for Research Services this individual will serve as a subject matter expert to provide the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Evaluate journal publications and grant applications for data and figure consistency and integrity prior to publication, and assist internal investigations into cases of alleged research misconduct.
  2. Train researchers and students in the ethical conduct of research, research reproducibility, and research data management, by developing and running workshops and providing individual consultations.
  3. Provide bioinformatics support through the library bioinformatics service, in line with the individual’s specific experience and expertise.
  4. Manage the selection, development and use of image analysis tools and/or algorithms, including development of the Weill Cornell Image Analysis Portal, in line with the individual’s specific experience and expertise.

As a faculty member, the individual will contribute to Weill Cornell Medicine’s scholarly output, through the pursuit of appropriate grant funding, publication in academic journals, and presentation at academic conferences. In collaboration with the Library Director, the Research Integrity Office, and other Information Technologies & Services (ITS) leaders, the individual will actively contribute to other Weill Cornell Medicine events, and collaborate with colleagues on projects in areas of shared interest. 


Work Ethic and Cultural Fit

Highly desired:

Working Conditions:
This position requires working in an office environment where there are a few physical discomforts such as dust, dirt, noise and the like. Ability to work more than 40 hours a week during periods of heavy workload is also required. Light travel between office locations, primarily within Manhattan is required. Occasional travel to represent the Samuel J. Wood Library at conferences, or to work with affiliates, may also be necessary.

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