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Full Time Er Physician

Harmonia Medicine PC

Red Bank, NJ

Posted April 29

Job Description

Harmonia is redesigning women’s healthcare from the ground up. Harmonia Healthcare in NYC and NJ is seeking a visionary interdisciplinary physician, leading the charge for change in women’s health.

Our modern outpatient care centers combine the best care to deliver an evidence-based treatment to enhance quality of life and health outcomes for women. From our patient-centered medical team, welcoming clinic, and remote care platform, we are setting a new standard for treating nausea, vomiting and Hyperemesis Gravidarum (“HG”) with the intention to expand into other indications of high unmet need in women’s health. Our first clinic opened in Red Bank, NJ in May 2024. Along with superior care we are leading the charge in clinical innovation and research in HG.

We offer superior outpatient care in an inviting space that prioritizes patient comfort and care. The office will be open for standard office hours: 9-5 with limited on-call requirements during closed office hours, enabling a favorable a work/life balance.

This opportunity is ideal for a physician seeking to make a significant impact by diversifying or transitioning their career path to specialized outpatient care. It offers an immensely rewarding role, centered on caring for a vulnerable patient population often overlooked in traditional medical settings. As part of this role, you will contribute to filling a crucial gap in the healthcare system and playing a pivotal role in reshaping how hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is understood and treated on a national scale.

At Harmonia, you will collaborate with esteemed experts in HG research, advocacy, and treatment, including:

  • Marlena Fejzo: A renowned geneticist and researcher who identified the correlation between GDF15 and HG. Her research shows that HG patients have elevated GDF15 levels during pregnancy and reduced levels before conception. At Harmonia, we’re pioneering prediction tests and drug development targeting GDF15 to improve HG management and outcomes.
  • Kimber MacGibbon: Co-Founder and Director of the HER Foundation, with over two decades of experience championing HG patients' rights and advancing research and treatment protocols.
  • Andrew Housholder, MD: A leading physician specializing in HG treatment, Dr. Housholder oversees a highly successful HG clinic in Alabama. His patients experience significantly improved health outcomes for both mothers and babies, with a remarkable 95% reduction in ER visits and hospitalizations. As a clinical partner at Harmonia, Dr. Housholder will provide valuable insights into HG treatment protocols and offer support to the physician in this role.

Harmonia Healthcare is a forward-thinking women's health center dedicated to reimagining the care of underrepresented and poorly understood women's diseases, starting with an innovative approach to HG. Our focus is on early intervention to mitigate adverse outcomes for both mothers and babies. We leverage user-friendly patient communication platforms, real-time patient data collection, and hands-on nursing care to deliver a unique care experience not found in traditional medical settings. Our approach centers on the individual patient while harnessing data to develop care pathways, predictive tests, and, eventually, disease-specific pharmaceutical treatments.

As part of our team, you will work in an environment that is inclusive and accessible to patients from all backgrounds. We seek a physician leader who will compassionately support patients through the challenges of an HG pregnancy, collaborate closely with local pregnancy healthcare providers, and foster a culture of innovation and creativity within the medical team. We prioritize bold ideas, transparency, humor, and empathy, all while emphasizing evidence-based treatments that prioritize patient well-being.


Role details:

  • Deliver approximately 30 hours a week of office-based care to patients suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) and severe morning sickness, through infusion therapy in the office and medication management at home in an innovative clinical setting.
  • New patient appointments are scheduled for a half-hour, allowing ample time for thorough assessments. Patients return to the clinic multiple times a week for infusions, fostering strong patient relationships.
  • Collaborate closely with nurse practitioners and nursing staff, who serve as valuable allies in caring for these complex patients.
  • Experience the rewarding privilege of working with a patient population deeply grateful for a physician who listens and addresses their HG-related suffering.
  • Engage with our esteemed team of HG experts to remain at the forefront of HG research and treatment. This role involves networking with and educating local physicians, ensuring they are updated on the latest research and treatment pathways for HG.
  • Availability to address medical inquiries occasionally in the evenings and on weekends, with no overnight or weekend call duties.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Active NY/NJ medical license with at least 5 years post residency experience
  • Board certification in obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, or family medicine. If your certification lies outside of these areas but you possess a passion for advancing women's health, particularly in addressing this significant gap in pregnancy care, we encourage you to apply. This physician role will have you stepping into care that encompasses multiple specialties. HG patient care often begins as acute care medicine with moderate to severe dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and balancing side effects of multiple classes of medication. Our goal is to prevent hospitalization by addressing these acute care needs in the outpatient setting, offering IV electrolyte replacement, EKGs and frequent patient follow-up.
  • Comfort recognizing obstetrical problems that may arise in HG patients, such as pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, cholestasis, etc. Patients do continue to see their pregnancy healthcare provider for the overall health of their pregnancy and will address these issues with their OB/midwife/doula. However, we often see the first signs of these diseases and need to be vigilant.
  • Demonstrated empathy for patients navigating the profound impact of HG on their mental, physical, and social well-being.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with local OBs, midwives, and other pregnancy healthcare providers.
  • A strong desire to remain at the forefront of clinical research and evidence-based medicine, showing enthusiasm for learning and adapting based on clinical research findings.

Benefits: Competitive compensation, health; dental & vision, with an HSA/FSA option, 401(k), PTO, and paid parental leave 



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