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EcoR1 Capital

San Francisco, CA

Posted October 20

Job Description

EcoR1 Capital - a biotech focused San Francisco based investment fund looking for a Deven

Who is Deven, you ask? Deven was our intern turned junior analyst. He originally found us when he was a sophomore at McGill University majoring in Finance with a minor in Biology. He cold emailed EcoR1 looking for an internship, and, although we loved his enthusiasm, it wasn’t the right fit at the time. He reached out again two years later when he was graduating, flew himself out from the East Coast to interview, and crushed the final interview project.

Deven worked with us for 3 years. While at EcoR1, Deven not only helped with note-taking and scheduling but he also became an integral member of the investment team, participating in all aspects of our research and diligence process. Deven’s “can do” attitude was constantly on display, making himself available 24/7, always willing to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice. Deven recently joined one of our incredible portfolio companies in Boston to gain operational experience, and we hear he is already invaluable.

Are you our next Deven? If so, you:

-          have a propensity for science but also a strong interest in investing

-          don’t necessarily have much work experience, but have worked as a consultant, investment banker, investigative journalist or in another field where you did primary research

-          have no problem coming up to strangers and starting a conversation

-          are fine with putting paper in the copy machine, making coffee and investigating a new allogeneic cell therapy all in the same day

-          have superior attention to detail and organizational skills; you never let anything fall through the cracks

Timing: We are looking for someone ASAP. But we are willing to wait for the right fit.

If this resonates with you, please send the following

1.    CV

2.    Cover letter

3.    Detailed description of a hobby that you have really geeked out on

Only applicants who submit all three items will be considered. 

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