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Biotech Time Traveler

EcoR1 Capital

San Francisco, CA

Posted May 15

Job Description

Biotech Time Traveler

EcoR1 Capital
37.7799897, -122.4059503

EcoR1 Capital, a 10-year-old San Francisco based investment fund with a focus on public and venture investing in biotechnology therapeutics, is looking for a time traveler to fill a Junior Analyst role.

If you are reading this job description from the future and have transtemporal capabilities and a propensity for biosciences, we would like to meet you! The last decade was the most productive in the 40+ year history of the biotech sector. Of all the drugs developed since the first biologic launched in 1982, more than one third of those were approved in just the last ten years. A decade ago, the seminal CRISPR papers had just been published and cell & gene therapy seemed more like a pipe dream than a commercialize-able technology. Ten years from now, the world of innovative genomic medicines will again be unrecognizable to a biotech investor from today.

EcoR1 is a small team that thrives on funding the companies driving this rapid progress. We are seeking to add a time traveler to our spirited team. The time traveler will develop the vision and the research skills necessary to give us a sneak peek at where the industry is heading next! Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


  • Attending medical meetings to conduct scientific due diligence
  • Managing the calendar for team members
  • Calling world-renowned scientists and physicians to understand their perspectives on diseases or new therapeutics
  • Replacing paper in the printer
  • Combing SEC filings with incredible detail
  • Joining our team in-person in our San Francisco office daily
  • Projects we haven’t imagined yet… but you probably know what they are!


If this description resonates with you, we want to meet you! Please apply by submitting a CV, a cover letter and answers to the below questions. Or just stop by last week.


  • Which of the almost 200 negative-enterprise value companies in our sector will return 25-50x over the next decade? Why? 
  • How do you spend your free time in the future? What are your hobbies?
  • If we ask your best friend or partner to describe you with five adjectives, what would they be?
  • Tell us in detail about the most interesting time period you have visited in your time machine.
  • What is something that happens over the next decade that would surprise most people?
  • Please send us your favorite Dall-E original art, including the prompt you used.


And perhaps most importantly, please share winning lottery numbers, how you used the winnings and contrarian future (past?) sports bets!

We look forward to hearing from you and learning about the future!

The EcoR1 Team

Salary Range = $100k-250k

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