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New York, NY

Posted November 30

Job Description


Petrichor Scion Therapeutics (“Scion”), a newly-formed life sciences venture capital fund, is recruiting Investment Research Associates to join the team and support the creation and development of new biotechnology companies based on high innovation-quotient translational research. The position will be based at Scion’s New York headquarters.

The newly hired Associates will work collaboratively with seasoned members of the Scion team and will have responsibility for activities across multiple aspects of Scion’s growing portfolio. The Investment Research Associates will have significant responsibility for the identification and incubation of translational therapeutics projects of outstanding merit and high potential to mature into Scion-funded start-ups. In this capacity, they will be expected to apply deep domain expertise in their fields to the formation of companies that exploit important new biologic and therapeutic insights.

Ideal candidates must bring together deep technical expertise in their field with entrepreneurial drive and capability. We want early career scientists and physician scientists who think deeply, and realistically, about how their research and that of others in their field can be translated to make a meaningful difference to human health. Associates should have a well-considered thesis or theses on areas of biology within their field of expertise that are ripe for therapeutic exploitation. In this regard, material research experience at the postgraduate or postdoctoral level and comprehensive technical understanding of a field of expertise is a prerequisite for consideration. Prior work experience in the biotechnology industry or related fields will be additive. However, it is critical that Associates understand the process of turning a scientific insight into a new therapy and have demonstrable passion for shepherding this translation.

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Preferred but not required PhD or MD or MD/PhD in the life sciences with a demonstrated record of academic success

  • Preferred but not required 4+ years of scientific or medical research experience (inclusive of graduate training) and deep insight within at least one field of expertise

  • Clear thesis on biologic insights or subfields that are ripe for clinical translation

  • Understanding of the biotechnology industry, preclinical and clinical drug development

  • Strong ability to work independently and to take primary ownership of projects

  • Scientific fields of particular interest include neuroscience and neurology, gene therapy,

    nephrology, immunology and bioinformatics, although expertise in these disciplines is not required.


    Compensation will be competitive for the industry and commensurate with experience.


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