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Caligan Partners LP

New York, NY

Posted January 18

Job Description

Caligan Partners LP (“Caligan”) is an investment firm focused on life sciences with an active engagement approach to public markets.  We are looking for an MD/MBA to join our small team in 2024.  

Caligan is focused on generating absolute returns by investing in a concentrated portfolio of small and midcap companies within life sciences. Caligan takes a private equity approach to public investing, performing exhaustive research, preferring longer holding periods, and partnering with operating executives with world-class expertise. Caligan's portfolio companies have been largely de-risked from a regulatory standpoint (commercial products and post-Phase 3) but have underperformed their peers for reasons that we believe are fixable within 1 - 2 years. Caligan actively engages with boards and management teams, preferring to collaborate in private but not opposed to expressing ideas in a public forum. We see a large, untapped opportunity set for shareholder engagement in life sciences given the exponential increase in the number of commercial companies within the sector and the heightened importance of capital allocation in the current market.

Salary: $200,000 USD + Performance based bonus

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