Employer FAQ's

What employers use DOC? Who are your members? How do I post a job? Why do I need to register? How will I receive applications? Can I edit my posting? Can I refresh or re-send my posting? How many applications can I expect?

What employers use DOC?

Over 1,000 employers have used DOC including leading investment banks, private equity and venture capital funds, biopharmaceutical and medical device companies, consulting firms, healthcare IT and startup companies, technology transfer offices, and many others across the healthcare spectrum. The most recent examples can be found on the Jobs page. Many recruiting firms also use DOC on behalf of their clients.

Who are your members?

All of DOC's members have advanced biomedical degrees and are pursuing innovative careers outside traditional clinical and research tracks. Half of our members are Medical Doctors. One third have PhDs. One third have dual graduate degrees. 10% have MBAs.

By profession, DOC members span the healthcare industry including biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, healthcare IT, medical devices, medical publishing and education, payor and provider administration, management consulting, finance (investment banking, equity research, hedge funds, venture capital and private equity), academic research, and of course full- and part-time clinical practice.

How do I post a job?

Register or login as an Employer. Then post a job in three steps:
1) Post. This includes full job description, email targeting information and preferred method of receiving applications (i.e., through DOC or a via a company website)
2) Preview. Review and confirm posting information and formatting.
3) Pay for the posting using a credit card.

If you are hiring a senior candidate (more than 5 years of experience), please contact us to discuss our High Touch service offering.

DOC reviews all postings within 24 hours (often less). Once approved the job will be posted to the website for 90 days and emailed to all members that have elected to receive jobs that match their criteria.

Why do I need to register?

Employer accounts are necessary so that you can track and access applications (if you receive them through DOC vs. a company website), edit, remove or repost your postings based on response and status, and store payment information as well as credits for discounted purchases of multiple postings.

How will I receive applications?

When you post a job to DOC, you decide how members should apply: either 1) directly through DOC, or 2) through an external website (usually your company's job application website). When you designate that members apply directly through DOC, you will receive applications to a designated email and can view and download all applications directly on your Employer Dashboard.

Can I edit my posting?

You may edit your posting, but please note that editing a posting after it has already been posted to the website and emailed to members only changes the posting that appears on the website, but does not result in the new version being emailed once again to all members. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to review your posting for completeness and accuracy before submitting it. Please note that most of our members access job information via their email, and so it is unlikely that an edited version will reach as wide an audience as the original posting. If you need to make edits that you would like re-distributed to members via email, you will have to repost the posting and pay an additional posting fee. See below.

Can I refresh or re-send my posting?

Yes, just click Repost next to any Expired job, make any edits and updates and pay for the new posting. The job will then appear at the top of the recent job postings and will be re-emailed to all members that have elected to receive jobs matching your criteria. If the job is still Active then first click Archive next to the job to move it to your Expired posting list, then click Repost.

How many applications can I expect?

The number of applications can range widely depending on factors including industry, role, compensation, the nature and specificity of the requirements, location, and of course fit with the backgrounds of our membership.

We have seen successful recruitment from narrowly focused postings that garnered relatively few responses as well as more generally applicable positions that generated hundreds of responses.

We are focused on your success and maintain an Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee for postings. If you are not satisfied with the results of your posting for any reason, let us know why and we will promptly refund the fee.

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