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Remote Telehealth Physician - Full Time, Part Time

K Health

Remote/Flexible | New York, NY | San Diego, CA

Posted June 29

Job Description

We are looking for technically savvy, strong clinicians who want to push the boundaries and fundamentally improve the health care system through an innovative platform. 

About Us:

In 2016, We gathered a small group of technologists and doctors together and started discussing some pretty big questions:

  1. How can we make it easier for everyone to find personalized health care information?
  2. How can we remove barriers that limit access to quality health care from doctors?
  3. Could consumer-focused technology ultimately improve health outcomes?
  4. Why don’t individuals take more control of their health information?

At K Health, we’ve spent the last four years addressing those questions, and we’ve built an amazing team to do just that. We aspire to use data and technology to deliver smarter, more personalized healthcare information. Our goal is to increase access to quality care that both costs dramatically less and leads to better outcomes.

With over million members and hundreds of thousands of users joining our platform every month, you have an opportunity to help shape the future of health care. We are building the most sophisticated health care platform and plan to make K Health the home for the world’s primary care needs.

Job Description:

As a Physician, not only will you provide comprehensive, virtual primary care to patients, but you will also be a member of the team that influences millions of lives with every click of a button in our innovative EMR, where you honestly have the time to focus on individual patient care, rather than billing and coding tasks.

The impact of your care is exponential: The time you will devote caring for users will double as real-time machine learning. Each conversation you have simultaneously allows us to refine the underlying AI and provide better health care to even more people. 

And, you can forget about any coding or billing work. You can work from wherever you want—we want you to focus on the medicine and let us take care of the rest. 

Responsibilities & Requirements:

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